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November 13, 2019

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Who can believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away?!! The December days seem to roll by faster than any other month of the year… You blink and the holiday season seems to be over.
But these days, these few days of the year just before Christmas, are truly the most Merry and Bright days of the year. We try to slow things down over these days and take it all in, enjoy the little details of Christmas and time with each other! Please enjoy my FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS DECOR Home TOUR!


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This year I kept my decor simple with natural elements and vintage details. You can check out our Christmas tree hunting adventures for earlier in the season.

I love having a tree in the front entrance right when you walk in the house! It makes it feel so festive right off the bat! Brass bell garland and a plaid scarf add to the cozy Christmas feel.

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Holiday Glow Lightroom Preset


We opted to go with a large 10’ natural tree in our fireplace room for the first time. Over the years I have been collecting vintage ornaments every chance I get. I used these classic ornaments to decorate the tree along with led twinkle lights and tiny glass garland.

A favourite Christmas Tradition

Oh and of course the Christmas pickle!! If you haven’t heard of the Christmas pickle before, it is an old German tradition where the Christmas pickle is hidden in the tree on Xmas eve. Then the children all try and find the pickle on Christmas morning. Whoever finds the pickle first ends up getting a special gift or opens the first gift. 

The gorgeous chunky knit blanket around the base can be purchased over on my online shop Vintage Society Co.

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We hung my husbands mule deer antlers above the fireplace which made him very happy!

On the mantle, I placed an antique French ironstone bowl with a candle in it then surrounded it with vintage ornaments and golden bells.

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Through out the house, I added small natural trees and brass bells! I even made some cute simple Christmas garland in a few different spots like my bedroom and the living room.

I found the tiny pine cones outside and hooked them on some red and white string with golden bells mixed in.

My new favourite vintage inspired trouble lights are from the Weed Patch! I love how well they go in this space and how simple they are. They give off the most gorgeous glow with the Edison bulb and I loved that they had a plug in with a 15' cord! Made them easy to put in any room.


Shop my Bedroom

Everywhere I could I also put led twinkle lights!! There is nothing better than the glow of soft lights at night to make it cozy for Christmas.

My back entrance is one of my favorite rooms in the house and I just love the banner by Gian Lee to great my guests as they enter!!! It looks so pretty next to the colorful plaid scarf.

The dining room has recently had a bit of a facelift as I removed some of the large furniture in this room. 


Shop the Dining Room

I hung a double strap market bag full of small spruce trees, a simple linen apron and twinkle lights for that tiny bit of detail.

This is the first year that we have our attic finished for Christmas!! This is by far the space I was most excited about having a tree in as this is the space we hang out the most as a family. I knew I was going to have to find the perfect size of tree to put in this space because of the angled walls. The only option for a y’all tree was in thread centre of the room which wasn’t really an option.

Shop the Attic


We ended up finding a beautiful full tree that fits perfectly up here!! I wrapped it with twinkle lights and put it in my Beatie wash basin. I also added twinkle lights into my huge antique jar for a bit more sparkle!

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my Farmhouse Christmas Decor Home Tour. If you haven’t already make sure to check out Part One of the tour, my outdoor space! Do you have any holiday traditions like the Christmas pickle? I would love to hear them and what you thought of the tour in the comments below. Merry Christmas sweet friends!!




  1. Sharron Jones says:

    I am looking for white slipcovers for my sofas. Where did you get the ones on your attic sofas?

    1. Hi there,

      Mine came from Ikea 🙂 I think Pottery Barn has some as well.



  2. I love this whole post! Looks so festive & your home is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so very much Jamie! I truly appreciate it!


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